How You Can Help

 5 Ways you can help end homelessness


Your time and talents can help end homelessness.
Whether it’s working at a shelter or stocking shelves at a food bank, your personal involvement makes a difference. 


Join the movement to end homelessness.
Make a point of discussing homelessness with your friends, family, and the people in your neighborhood. Talk about what all you can do to create solutions and support affordable housing in your neighborhood. When you hear a comment or joke about homeless people that offends you, say how you feel in a polite but firm way.


Support community organizations working to end homelessness.
One of the most powerful ways you can help is to give financial gifts to organizations that are dedicated to ending poverty and homelessness.


Knowledge drives action to end homelessness.
When you’re approached by a homeless person, respond with a kind word or start a conversation. Teach your children that homelessness is unacceptable, and we can solve the problem. Learn about the causes, statistics, and solutions to homelessness.


We can end homelessness.
Despite what some may say, poverty and homelessness are not givens. Cities across America are finding ways to ensure everyone has the means to support themselves and have a safe place to call home. More than 200 communities have developed specific plans to help end homelessness, and several are seeing progress. In Kentucky, we have identified solutions and strategies to end homelessness.

Click here to learn more about regional and state plans.