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The KICH mission is to coordinate and influence policy across Kentucky to end homelessness.


KICH was initially established after representatives from Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) participated in a Homeless Policy Academy in 2002, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Kentucky was one of eight states invited to participate in the first of these intensive policy-building forums, designed to develop action plans for improving access to mainstream services for people experiencing homelessness.  Ten individuals were selected to develop strategic policy plans to meet Kentucky’s homeless needs, resources and policy objectives.
Recognizing the need for broader representation, the original team of ten expanded and new members were invited to attend a second policy academy that addressed issues related to chronic homelessness. The Council has representatives from over 20 agencies, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations and is staffed by KHC's Specialized Housing Resources Department.
As a result of the goals established at the policy academies, KICH has compiled information and is working to maximize the resources available to homeless and at-risk Kentuckians, sharing information with member agencies to increase awareness of homeless issues.


    1. Commit state's leadership to forge partnerships among state agencies that allow communities to achieve local solutions to end homelessness.
    2. Develop and implement continued planning strategies.
    3. Develop a comprehensive, public education program to familiarize all stakeholders and the general public on issues related to homelessness.
    4. Access and commit the resources necessary to develop new units of supportive housing.
    5. Create evaluation and tracking systems to measure outcomes and guide future planning.


The following are strategies to accomplish the Council's mission and goals.
    1. Create interagency collaboration.
    2. Maximize targeted efforts to influence and improve systemic efficiency, policy development and service delivery.
    3. Establish policies throughout the state to resolve the causes of homelessness rather than treating the symptoms of homelessness.


To the extent feasible, the membership of the Council shall represent the diverse populations of the state of Kentucky.  The Council shall seek membership and varying levels of participation from consumers, advocacy organizations, service providers, and relevant federal, state, and local agency representatives and others to facilitate collaboration across Kentucky to address the needs of the homeless and work to alleviate and prevent homelessness.
The membership of the Council shall include the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee, and the Chairpersons of the Policy Committee.
By Executive Order 2007-751 of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness (KICH) is composed of representation from state government, nonprofit and advocacy agencies.  The membership of the Executive Committee shall include but is not limited to:
    1. Chief Executive Officer of Kentucky Housing Corporation
    2. Secretary of Health and Family Services Cabinet
    3. Secretary of Justice and Public Safety Cabinet
    4. Secretary of Education Cabinet
    5. Secretary of Transportation Cabinet
    6. Executive Director of Administrative Office of the Courts
    7. State Budget Director
    8. Commissioner of Kentucky Department of Veterans Affair
    9. Kentucky General Assembly (one from each house appointed by the Governor)
    10. Executive Director of Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky
Current committees include:  Data, Public Will, Services/Prevention, Supportive Housing

Executive Orders

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For more information about KICH, please contact the Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky at KICH@hhck.org.